Washinton DC Day Two

Thursday, August 17, 2017

It might seem like there is nothing much to see and visit for your second day after already touring the National Mall for a whole day.  On the contrary, there is so much more!  Many of the monuments and buildings are so big that you might need another day to revisit these places.

National Air Space Museum, Smithsonian

2 Hours

This museum was one of the places in my DC checklist.  Out of all the Smithsonian museums, this was the one I was most excited about.  If you love space travel, like I do, it could feel like Christmas being here.  This is another museum that is family friendly.   If you end up visiting during crowded times, it can feel really overwhelming.  There are plenty of activities and games for kids and those who feel like they're kids.  If you don't like seeing kids screaming or running around, this might not be the place for you.  My family and I spent a lot of time in this museum because of the attractions.  We went into the planetarium which is a really good way to relax in the middle of all the chaos in the museum.  Keep in mind that if you want to watch some of the shows they offer, you'll have to pay for tickets.

National Botanical Garden

30 Minutes

As you can tell, we didn't spend too much time here.  I wanted to explore the place more, but because of the heat, we had to bolt out of the garden.  A large portion of the garden is in a greenhouse, which I usually love, but if you've ever been in one, it basically feels like a sauna.  In 100 degree weather, being in a greenhouse is not the best experience.  None the less, the portions I did see were beautiful.

Lunch 1:50 Hours

There are plenty of food places around the area.  Choose on that suits your taste at this time of the day.

Smithsonian's Archives of American Art

1 Hour

This was one of my favorite museums.  I wish I could've taken more pictures inside; I decided to actually pay attention to the art.

Snack break 1 hour

The photo below was actually taken outside the National Archives building which was a few blocks away from the art museum.  There's a cafe around the corner from the National Archives that you can try.  At this point in the day, you'd have walked so much that you'll need this break. 

Take an Uber to the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

30 Minutes

This was definitely one of my favorite sites in DC.  It's located at one of the ends of the National Mall and is quite far from the rest of the commotion.  A lot of people opt out from visiting, which is one of the reasons why I loved it so much.  It's one of the least crowded, and therefore, the one of the best places to take pictures.

Also, IT'S THE SUPREME COURT BUILDING! This is one where many of the major decisions that are currently affecting our country were made!

The Capitol (Rear)

1 Hour

Right across the Supreme Court was the visitor center of the Capitol.  I was absolutely amazed how empty this place was.  Perhaps it was because we visited late in the day.  We spent so long taking pictures here because there was just so much room to breath!  I know that I featured the Capitol in my DC Day One post, but it actually looks very different from the other side.  There's a beautiful flower bed on this side, there's a gate, and the entirety of the Capitol can be seen clearly on this side!  Of all the sites we saw during the trip, THIS WAS MY FAVORITE. 

My brother and I are so EXTRA!

The White House (Front)

30 Minutes

The White House also looks very different from the other side.  I wish we could've seen it inside, but I simply didn't have enough time to prepare for a tour.  Aside from the White House, there are plenty of beautiful buildings and architecture around to add to your photo album. 

Walk to the Washington Monument

On our way to the Washington Monument, we went souvenir shopping in one of the many booths in the street.  It's obviously not the most glamorous place to shop, but if you just want to buy small knickknacks for your fridge or make a gift bag to take back to your coworkers (like me), it doesn't hurt to save a couple of bucks.    

The Washington Monument

30 Minutes

This monument is so tall you can see it in any spot in the National Mall.  If you want to get the entire structure in a picture, you'll have to be miles away.  I can imagine living in DC and visiting the monument for picnics later in the day like many of the people there when we visited.  The lawn is huge around it.  It's basically a park under the monument.  If you don't mind heights, you should definitely plan on going up the monument.  There's an elevator that takes you to the top where you can see the entire National Mall!

My camera pretty much died at this point :(

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