Ruffles Forever

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

If there is one trend that I hope carries on to the fall season from this summer, it would have to be ruffles.  I've been wearing ruffle detailed pieces for years, and I was so happy that it made a come back.  It's so funny, but the other day my boyfriend told me, "It's been a while since I've seen you wear a pirate shirt." He was referring to all my ruffle neckline and sleeve tops that I used to wear years ago when I started my college career.  Basically, he refers to the ruffle details as "pirate style".  

Back when I was in high school and college I was obsessed with Asian dramas and K Pop.  If it wasn't the story that I loved, it was definitely the fashion.  I specifically loved the girly, princess like and cute style that some of the characters had.   

They had ruffles in their skirts, tops, even hair!  I was so inspired, that I always tried to make that fictional style into reality.  Looking back, it may not have been the best types of clothes to wear to a university. 

The point I'm trying to communicate is that  I'm  obsessed with ruffles, and I'm glad that this trend seems to come back often.  

Blouse: Shein.com

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: VogueZone009

Watch: Michael Kors

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