Happy Halloween from Universal Studios Hollywood

Monday, October 30, 2017

Even though I visited Universal Studios Orlando around the same time last year, I didn't really feel like I got to experience as much Halloween themed attractions.  This year, my boyfriend took it upon himself to plan our Universal Studios day and sign us up for Halloween Horror Nights.  During Halloween, Universal Studios switch gears from a family friendly theme park to a horror paradise for its thrill seeking guests.  Complete with horrifying roaming creatures like zombies and mutants, Universal Studios basically turn the entire park into a haunted house.  Guests are still able to enjoy rides, but the addition of haunted houses and shows really gets you in the Halloween spirit.  

I didn't get to take pictures at night just because my camera doesn't take good low light pictures; unfortunately, the pictures just didn't turn out to be blog worthy.  I was also  honestly scared to even use my camera for fear that I would drop it if I was startled or "shook".  I probably won't do it again because I don't like being scared out of my mind, but I would say that Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is something that everyone should experience, at least, once in their lives.   

I was really surprised to see how different the Orlando versus the Hollywood Universal Studios were.  One difference is in its size.  Unlike Orlando, an entire day of fun in Universal Studios Hollywood is enough.  Based on my visit last year at Universal Studios Orlando, I learned that the lines can get extremely time consuming.  We decided to spend the extra buck and get the "Front of the Line" pass which shaved off so much time! Unlike Disney's Fast Pass where you are likely to still encounter some wait time in line, the Front of the Line pass actually allows you to cut the line straight to the ride or attraction.  If you are willing to spend a little extra, it's definitely money well spent.  I was so exited that I actually did all of the attractions that I wanted in a day!

Character photo opportunities is a must when visiting Universal Studios.  They really get into their character and can even copy their voices!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter still amazed me.  It's smaller than the Orlando version because they don't have a Diagon Alley and a London portion.  In a way, the smaller size of the Wizarding World in Hollywood actually made me have a bit more fun.  I felt less rushed and more relaxed that I was even able to pick and buy a wand!

We had a feast at the Three Broomstick and watered it down with butterbeer. 

We drank butterbeer like it was water the entire time we were at the Wizarding World.  Is butterbeer wasted a thing? I think I was that day. 

My favorite attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood is the Studio Tour.  I don't recall this attraction being offered in Orlando, so I assumed that this is special to the Hollywood counterpart.  As a movie buff, this tour was such a highlight.  They not only took us through studios where they were filming, but they also had 3D rides built in the tour!  It's difficult to explain, but if you've ever been on the Kong Skull Island ride in Orlando, you can experience the same thing while on this tour. 

Fake New York City

The Jaws attraction  that retired in Orlando was in Hollywood!

The set of War of the Worlds

Even just standing on the side, it was really fun to watch Bumblebee and Optimus Prime interact with people.

There was even an adorable French studio set!

This attraction was another highlight for me.  As a fan of the show, I was scared and curious to see how they interpreted the set as a walk through experience.  Lets just say that at the end of the attraction, I was basically running.  

I cannot wait to go back! 

Check out my Universal Studios Orlando experience!

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