How To Visit Washington D.C. in Two Days

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I finally made it to D.C.! Being that it was my first time going to DC with my family, I definitely made some mistakes.  We had very limited time, so we just focused on going to the "essential" stops.  I'd say two days is enough to visit most of the attractions.  

Some planning is essential if you're strapped for time.  Before I get to the itinerary, here's a couple of tips I wish someone would have told me: 

When to go?

Because this was my first time visiting D.C., I can't really say much about the weather during other seasons.  I went around the 4th of July, in the middle of the summer.  The weather was quite humid, hot, and sadly, almost miserable.   The National Mall was HUGE, and as a result you're going to be walking for miles; the heat can be quite punishing while walking between attractions.  I'm assuming spring would be a better time to visit because the weather wouldn't be as exhausting and the spring flowers would be in full bloom. 

We also visited around a holiday, in fact one of the biggest holiday for this side of the country.  That being said, the whole place was quite congested with people.  One of the days we were there was a weekday, and I noticed that there were less tourists in comparison to the weekend.  Definitely try to plan to visit DC in the weekdays.

Where to sleep?

I loved being in downtown D.C. Everything is within walking distance, and the culture and night life is an attraction itself.  The restaurants, malls, souvenir shops, drug stores, etc. would be right around the corner from you if you stay in a hotel downtown.

How to get around?

Walk...walk...walk.  Everything is close in proximity.  Walking is the way to go, but to be honest, my feet were hurting so much at the end of the day.  You'll be tired, but you don't want to be too tired that you can't enjoy the attractions when you finally reach it.  

When you're tired of walking there's a lot of different ways to get from point A to B. When talking to people I knew who's been to D.C., they kept telling me "The Metro"...well I felt like a turtle hiding in its shell when I saw the station for it.  I also did not want to drive because if you don't know the streets and how to drive bumper to bumper, it'd be easy to get lost or get into a car accident.  Parking is also a pain in the rear to find, and can be quite expensive.  We used Uber to get everywhere.  There are a lot of Uber drivers in DC.  

We also took "The Circulator", which is a public bus that stops at the attractions.  You can hop on and off at any stops, or just ride the entire route to see and plan the sites. The best thing about it is it's a dollar per person!  The bus picks up people at stops every 10 minutes .  There are a lot of stops, many of which are right in front of the attractions. 

Where to go?

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