Disney's California Adventure Highlights

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Considering that I went to all the Disney World parks last year, I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to visit Disneyland this year in California.  I even consulted with my private Disney Facebook group, Disneyland and Positivity, to decide if I wanted to add Disney's California Adventure to my itinerary.  

To my surprise, I actually loved this park even more than Disneyland.  I wanted to highlight some of of the things I enjoyed, and why a visit to this Disney park shouldn't be missed when you go to California.  I'd even just skip Disneyland and go straight here!

Epic Marvel Meet and Greet 

With all of Marvel Studios’ unstoppable success, it’s pretty sad that Disney can’t cash in on the billion dollar movie franchise by incorporating it in Disney World.  If you don’t already know, there is a contract that gives exclusive rights of Marvel characters to Universal east of the Mississippi River.

Thankfully, Disneyland is not bound by this contract.  Though still slightly restricted, Disney is able to utilize their ownership of the Marvel brand in the West Coast.

Being a comic book movie nerd, the character meet and greet was a definite highlight.  My favorite was Groot and Spider-Man! 

Another ride that should be on everyone’s California Adventure “To Do” list, is the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!  The only downside is the wait time.  The fast pass for this ride is quite elusive;  unless you are able to make it in the park right at opening, be prepared to stand in line for an hour or more.

Cars Land and Radiator Springs Racer

Cars is not one of movie franchises that I look forward to seeing from Disney.  Though I’ve seen all of the movies, I was never drawn to the world they built.  Radiator Springs is a California Adventure exclusive, so naturally, I had to see it for myself.  I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Cars Land.   If you’ve ever seen any of the Cars movie, you’ll notice that the entirety of the town seems to be condensed in one street.  The size and details of the town, like Flo’s Cafe, is amazingly accurate.  

My favorite ride in California Adventure was the Radiator Springs Racer.  It was very similar to Epcot’s Test Track, but the atmosphere you are placed in is both thrilling and beautiful.  Disney was able to create a scene that takes you driving through vibrant rocks of the Grand Canyon.

My only complain is that the area is super congested with people that it makes it almost impossible to walk around and take pictures.  

Disney Movie Buff Heaven

Last year it was Dr. Strange; this year, it was Thor Ragnorok.  Disney holds  exclusive previews for their upcoming movies at the parks where they show a small portion of the movie.  The preview is an amazing treat for movie buffs and Disney fans.  In addition, there are also displays of props and costumes in the theater to get viewers even more excited to see their favorite characters on screen.  

 Yaaas Queen! 

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